Marco Rubio Is Being Slammed As ‘Spineless’ For Limiting His Twitter Replies To Avoid The Dreaded Ratio

Marco Rubio’s developed quite a talent for self-owning on Twitter. He does the deed periodically, including when the Florida senator “honored” the late John Lewis by posting a photo of Elijah Cummings, and when he botched a meme about a Republican “wave.” He also got torched as a hypocrite when he pearl-clutched over an incoming Biden staffer calling the GOP “f*ckers,” and it seems that Rubio’s wanting to avoid the dreaded ratio again (more comments than likes and retweets) if at all possible. So, he’s now limiting Twitter replies to those users that he follows or has mentioned, and that’s led to this handy label on display.

Via Marco Rubio on Twitter

An elected official limiting the ways that people (including his own constituents) can talk to him is not a great look!

Rubio has made the move after he began to be called out for attempting to distance himself from his years of supporting President Trump. This tweet, of course, arrived after the MAGA mob insurrection on Capitol Hill, which has presented the ultimate bad look for Republicans, who were already reeling after the Senate Georgia runoff loss that now means that both houses of Congress will be in Democrats’ hands. And now that Trump’s loss has been formally sealed by the failed GOP Electoral Vote challenge in Congress, Rubio’s backtracking hard.

“Some misled you… That the VP could reject ballots,” Rubio tweeted. “That objections could pass or used as leverage to force an audit.. They knew the truth but thought it was a great way to get attention & raise money.”

Rubio also (finally) acknowledged Joe Biden’s victory while tweeting, “The 2020 election process is complete & no matter who we voted for it’s time to turn the page.”

As one might expect, Rubio’s maneuvering to avoid the ratio isn’t going well, nor is his use of the word “some” to describe Republicans. He’s being called “spineless,” and the “f*cker” heard ’round the world is coming back to haunt him, too. They’re not “replies” that will be visible on his profile, but they exist nonetheless.

And Rubio’s still going. He must feel so unfettered to launch the “worst tweet of all time” without worrying about replies.

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