Margot Robbie Parodies ‘American Psycho’ In This Video Detailing Her Daily Beauty Routine

Things are going very, very well for Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie. Following her phenomenal performance in The Wolf of Wall Street, she’s co-headlining one of the most anticipated (if not surprising) DC Comics film adaptations this summer, and is already using her star power to develop an all-female spin-off featuring her already-iconic character, Harley Quinn. How does the 25-year-old Australian actress do it?

According to a new video produced and posted online by Vogue, Robbie channels American Psycho‘s Patrick Bateman with a regular morning “balanced diet” and “rigorous exercise routine” — words literally lifted from the 2000 film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’ novel. Sixteen years ago, Bateman, played by English actor Christian Bale, detailed his daily regimen from the “American Gardens building on W. 81st Street” in New York City. Alternatively, Robbie’s days begin in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood of the Hollywood Hills, but the suggested connection remains the same. Like Bateman before her, Robbie is a psychopath, albeit an “Australian Psycho” instead of an American one.

The nearly three-minute short, which was directed by Catfish and Paranormal Activity 3 and 4‘s Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, is essentially a big beauty advertisement “with apologies to Bret Easton Ellis and American Psycho.” These quips aside, however, it proves a fitting tribute to a classic film and performance.

For reference, check out the original “morning routine” scene on which Robbie’s parody is based:

(Via Vogue)