Marjorie Taylor Greene Reportedly Fled A Local Talk Show After Getting Grilled By Callers About Her Anti-Abortion Views

Marjorie Taylor Greene presents herself as a gun-toting, Crossfit-loving conservative battle-axe who will never back down from her beliefs. Unless, of course, you ask her to defend those beliefs over the phone. In which case, Greene will absolutely flee the area leaving everybody very confused about where she just went.

That was the scene during Monday’s episode of the northern Georgia talk show, Night Talk. Greene appeared on the episode where she fielded calls from local voters. Unfortunately, the screening process did not stop a few callers from getting through and challenging Greene to defend her stance on banning abortion with zero exceptions. Things got especially heated when Greene was asked if she’d punish a 10-year-old rape victim for having an abortion.

“A child abuser and a rapist should be put to death if they are doing that to a 10-year-old child,” Greene said via Newsweek. “Number one, I think that should be our focus. That is a very rare, rare, rare, rare occasion, so that should not be the entire premise of the argument on abortion.”

However, when the show cut to commercial and returned, Greene was missing. The confused hosts continued to take questions after noting that “she’s gone.”

“We’ll take your calls and comments and whatever you have to say, but she left. She said she’d enjoyed my show and she’s through, and she got up and left,” host Judy O’Neal said. “So, she’s outta here. Nothing I can do about that.”

According to a spokesperson for Greene, the congresswoman left because the show went over an hour, and she was “only scheduled for one.” Tough luck, Georgia voters.

(Via Newsweek)