Marjorie Taylor Greene Managed To Make A Staggering Ass Of Herself (Again) Over The Weekend, In Case You Were Wondering

Marjorie Taylor Greene continues to embarrass the heck out of the Republican party following her temper tantrum over masks on the House floor, which left her with a $500-lighter paycheck while she accused Pelosi of subjecting congresspeople to a Holocaust-style environment. MTG has apparently never heard of Godwin’s law and decided to suggest that she’s being made to wear the Star of David. In response, multiple GOP lawmakers (including Rep. Liz Cheney, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and Rep. Peter Meijer) slammed her “evil lunacy,” but this didn’t appear to ruffle Greene.

Nope, the congresswoman from Georgia kept on doing her thing. Not only did she double down on the Holocaust remarks, but she went back to her random-seeming tweets about “communism” and such. In the process, she clashed with Robert Reich, who served as Labor Secretary under Bill Clinton and also worked as part of Barack Obama, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter’s administrations. Still, Greene didn’t appear to know who the heck he was and thought Reich was some rando when he tweeted, “Can we all agree that Marjorie Taylor Green must be expelled from Congress?”

Greene took time to correct him for misspelling her last name, and then she misspelled “Berkeley” while revealed her complete lack of knowledge as to Reich’s identity. She wrote, “Don’t know you, but when I saw Berkley in your bio, I got it. Just put the hammer and sickle with it.” Greene then added, “Being a communists professor, you’ve never done the real hard work that builds the economy, you just teach ideas that will destroy it.”

Then Greene decided to go off on Berkeley for being, in her words, “funded heavily by China.” She then declared, “Again back to communism. These people are everything wrong in America and they are taking over like kudzu. Let’s throw them out.”

This, of course, led to Twitter responses galore, including one user who branded her as “the loud drunk lady at the end of the bar.” This user also pointed out that Berkeley must be “failing badly” at being a “communists college,” given that their alumni includes dozens of billionaires.

People are also wondering if Greene even knows what communism means, or simply that it’s something that Republicans are supposed to hate. Does she know anything about Berkeley as well? The jury is out. Also, complaining about a misspelling in a tweet before going on to misspell “Berkeley” is pretty rich.