Marjorie Taylor Greene Heckled Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin, But He Sure Wasn’t Having It

Today’s first-term Republican lawmakers tend to all have the same schtick: die-hard Trumpists who do little but annoy all their colleagues. The day after Matt Gaetz acted like a total jackass again, Marjorie Taylor Greene stole his thunder, breaking House protocol by doing to a Democrat colleague what she did to Joe Biden: She heckled him. But unlike Biden, the latest target of her idiocy didn’t stay quiet.

On Wednesday, Maryland Representative Jamie Raskin told fellow House members that former top Trump officials Peter Navarro and Dan Scavino, who’d been ignoring subpoenas from the Jan. 6 committee.

Greene, who helped lure Trump supporters to D.C. that day and later said she had no regrets about the events, did not like that one bit. So she did what she does best: She shouted nonsense, screaming about Ashli Babbit, the Trump follower tragically killed during the melee, and “Russia collusion.”

Raskin, though, didn’t ignore it.

“The gentlelady, I think, said something about the Russian hoax or Russian collusion. I accept the heckling,” Raskin said. “Because if she wants to continue to stand with Vladimir Putin and his brutal, bloody invasion of Ukraine, she is free to do so. And we understand there is a strong Trump-Putin axis in the gentlelady’s party. If she wants to continue to stand with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, that is her prerogative. But please do it on your own time, forthwith.”

In the meantime, the House panel voted to hold both Scavino and Navarro in contempt of Congress, joining the likes of Mark Meadows and Steve Bannon, who did the same and may wind up serving time. As for Greene, when she’s not heckling colleagues, she’s demeaning women and calling LGBTQIA+ people, advocates, and allies “pro-child predator.”

(Via Salon)