Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Now Claiming That The Deep State Used Seductive ‘Honey Pots’ To Force The Jan 6th MAGA Rioters To Commit Crimes

Marjorie Taylor Greene is already attempting to make hay out of the new batch of January 6 tapes that Kevin McCarthy has reportedly released to right-wing media outlets. Greene, who’s been a longtime defender of the MAGA rioters, claims that she has already seen the footage and offered her analysis, which naturally involves Deep State conspiracy theories involving “honey pots” and the FBI.

“We have brave FBI whistleblowers and other whistleblowers that are coming forward and informing our committees about this information, Greene said on the Wednesday episode of her MTG Battleground podcast.

Via Mediaite:

“You see, this should never happen. The federal government should never be weaponized against the people and set up honeypots and traps to draw people in and actually take part in making these people commit crimes and then framing the people to set up a narrative against a president,” Greene added.

Honey pots typically refer to operatives reeling in unwitting suspects through sex and other seductive means, but Greene didn’t elaborate if that was the actual case or if it’s just a word she heard somebody use and ran with it.

She did, however, go after the surveillance footage of the alleged “pipe bomber” who was caught on camera the night of January 5. While online conspiracy theories have floated unfounded theories that Greene is the bomber, she floated a conspiracy of her own that, again, implicates the FBI.

“This is the behavior of someone that seems to be wanted to be seen on video camera and isn’t concerned about getting caught,” Greene said to support her false flag theory.

You can see a clip from Greene’s podcast below:

(Via Mediaite)