Marjorie Taylor Greene And Matt Gaetz’s PAC Is Nearly Broke After Only Six Months

She believes in “Jewish space lasers” and had to go to a museum in her late 40s to learn about the Holocaust. He’s been compared to Butt-Head and is being federally investigated for ties to a sex trafficking ring. They’re both United States representatives. But the combined power of far right stars Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz is not as strong as one may think.

A new report by Mother Jones alleges that the PAC they created together, entitled Put America First, is all but broke only six months after it was started:

In its first few months, the Put America First PAC seemed like it was off to a hot start, raising $360,000 in its first two months—but according to new campaign finance filings made by the PAC it now has just $13,000 in cash. Multiple tour stops were cancelled this summer. Gaetz and Greene did hold at least one major event in Iowa in August. Despite attracting big headlines, the rally was, apparently, a financial bust. The group spent $159,000 from July 1 to September 30, and raised just $57,000.

Individually they’re not doing great either. Greene has been far more successful at fundraising than Gaetz, having raised over $8 million in less than a year in office. But almost half of that was amassed in her first three months as a Congresswoman, and has been trending downward ever since. What’s more, the cash she’s raised, Mother Jones says, has been “increasingly eaten up by the costs of chasing donors and paying off the operatives and professional fundraising consultants and vendors that she hires.”

Gaetz’s fundraising, meanwhile, has all but dried up, probably because he’s being federally investigated for ties to a sex trafficking ring.

But maybe he can scrape a couple bucks together as a Rick Astley impersonator.

(Via Mother Jones)