Marjorie Taylor Greene Actually Said ‘I Don’t Want My Staff Educated’ In Response To An Offer By The Head Of The CDC To Educate Her Staff

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of many GOP members of Congress with an apparent room-temperature IQ, but instead of hiding that fact, she continues to proudly put her dipshittery on display anytime a mic is shoved in her face.

For proof, you can enjoy this short clip of Greene — a woman who has blamed wildfires on Jewish space lasers and who thinks solar panels stop working when the sun sets — insisting that she wants her staff to remain as uneducated as she is. The confession came after Dr. Rochelle Wolensky, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and a person who’s presumably spent years studying how viruses and vaccines work, was forced to dumb things down for Greene and her pals. Wolensky was trying to explain that the number of “adverse effects” tied to a certain vaccine doesn’t necessarily mean that every reported incident was actually caused by getting jabbed. She attempted to use an example of a car wreck happening after a person got a vaccine as something that would be reported as an “adverse effect” but really had no connection to getting vaccinated — which is why her office investigates every claim.

But Greene, whose elevator has never really reached the top floor, just wasn’t getting it, so Wolensky offered to educate her staff on the procedure for investigating reports. That offer gave us this gem of a pull quote from Greene: “I don’t want my staff educated!”

No, we’d think not, especially since even sharing one brain cell amongst them would mean Greene’s staffers were geniuses compared to her.

You can enjoy the absurdity of the full interaction below: