Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Stubbornly Accrued Enough COVID Mask Fines To Cancel Out Months Of Paychecks

Far-right Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene made it known earlier this year that she was done with masks, and she even shredded a memo from Nancy Pelosi on the subject. That’s about the same time when she received her first fine for flouting the mask mandate, which left her paycheck $500 lighter. Since then, she’s been merrily earning $2,500 subsequent fines, and at this point, her total has nearly reached the Median Household Income of the constituents that she represents in Georgia’s 14th congressional district.

That’s nuts, but yeah, Greene has willingly parted ways for over one-fourth of her $174,000 annual salary because she’s such a COVID conspiracy theorist. The Hill was the first to report that total, which CNN confirmed via a letter from the House Sergeant at Arms. It’s a bizarre case of Greene putting her money where her mouth is, literally. Via CNN, she’s done this thing 20 times already and counting:

Greene has been fined 20 times for not wearing a mask. After receiving an initial warning in May, Greene was fined $500 for her first offense, and $2,500 for each subsequent offense, which is in line with House rules.

Greene has appealed at least one of her fines, but it was upheld. Greene was seen by CNN not wearing a mask on the floor Tuesday. The fines come from Greene’s salary.

She’s refusing to yield to the mandate and almost seems proud of losing all that money, as Greene previously boasted when she hit the $25,000 mark in fines. In response to the $48,000 news, Greene defiantly tweeted, “Why do I get fined for not wearing a mask when I’m sitting in a chair on the House floor the same as people eating unmasked at a restaurant?” She also complained about how “Democrat members don’t wear masks in the members gym when they work out” and “None of us do & no one should.” Then she fired off a tweet about how much she works out, which she believes protects her from viruses (or something like that).

(Via The Hill & CNN)