Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Been Fined For Not Wearing A Mask On The House Floor After Shredding A Letter Warning Her About It

Marjorie Taylor Greene picked her hill, and she is prepared to die on it, folks.

The controversial GOP representative from Georgia continues to make headlines for her outrageously childish antics, but fortunately, this latest temper tantrum isn’t as disturbing as her ongoing obsession with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proven to be. Greene, who’s been whining about having to wear a mask on the House floor ever since she took office, refused to don a face covering in the chamber on Tuesday — a direct violation of a rule put in place by Speaker Nancy Pelosi requiring all representatives to be masked while the House was in session.

Greene, who’s used her platform in the past to make some truly laughable connections between mask mandates and discrimination tactics, was warned that if she didn’t put on a face covering, she’d be fined. She wasn’t the only Republican protesting the mask mandate, but while fellow representatives like Lauren Boebert decided to comply and wear their masks during a meeting Wednesday, Greene continued to flout protocols, leading Pelosi to send her a letter listing out a series of fines she’ll be hit with should she continue to break the rules. Of those, Green could be charged a $500 fine the next time she goes without a mask and a further $2,500 for her third mask violation.

Of course, this is the woman who openly harasses her fellow lawmakers on Capitol Hill and bullies teenagers on the street so Greene reacted to news of the fine in an expectedly juvenile way: by shredding the damn thing.

Honestly, if you’re that triggered by wearing a piece of cotton on your face, maybe the high-stress environment of D.C. politics just isn’t for you? Though the CDC now says people who are fully vaccinated can forego masks indoors, Republicans like Greene have been outspoken in their refusal to get the shot. According to Pelosi, some 25% of Congress has yet to be vaccinated, which puts their fellow lawmakers (and civilian Capitol workers) at an increased risk of contracting the virus.

But sure, take a “stand” by showing you know how to use a piece of office equipment, Marjorie. We’re all very impressed.