Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Latest Slip-Up Is Making People Want To Hand Her A Globe

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been known to make geographically-related statements that are inaccurate at best. At least, she’s done as much while recently making a statistical claim that could have been more than a typo when she asserted that Biden allowed a majority of the global population to flood across the U.S.-Mexico border. That flub arrived shortly after she didn’t realize that Chris Stapleton’s self-professed “wokeness” had plenty to do with his participation in the Super Bowl’s Black National Anthem showcase. Now she of the “peach tree dish” and “gazpacho police” terms is back again with another doozy.

A clip from a Greene appearance on Real America’s Voice is making the rounds, and the choice quote involves Greene claiming that Vladimir Putin has never “actually show[n] in any detail his plans to invade Europe.” The far-right congresswoman added, “No one has shown me that. So I don’t believe the lies that I’m being told about this.”

Hmm. That’s the immediate reaction here, and sometimes, it’s hard to believe that Greene is intentionally flubbing as much as she does, but something’s up. Greene has previously expressed anger over President Biden sending any funding to Ukraine, but she’s also not up-to-speed enough to know that this Russia-invaded country is in Europe. This remains wild, considering that she’s serving on a national security-related committee in Congress.

The head shaking has commenced on social media. “Ukraine is in Europe” is now trending as a result.