Marjorie Taylor Greene Tweeted And Quietly Deleted An Impossible Statistic, And People Believe That It’s No Mere Typo

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not frequently ruffled, even when people point out that she really missed the mark while not realizing that Chris Stapleton’s mutual “wokeness” was a big reason for his involvement in the Super Bowl’s Black National Anthem showcase. She also recently made headlines by advocating for a “national divorce”/possible civil war, and although she is no stranger to being hyperbolic in general, her criticism of President Biden led to a truly outlandish figure that no one could possibly believe is true.

It is, in fact, not at all true. “$113 Billion has been appropriated to Ukraine in just 1 yr,” Greene tweeted while sitting alongside the bandwagon of people praising Trump for bragging to McDonalds employees in East Palestine while Biden visited Ukraine. “Trump’s wall would have only cost $22 billion, but Congress refused to fund it. 6 Billion people illegally crossed our border since Biden took office, but Ukraine’s border is the only border that matters to Washington.”

Greene did double back with a corrected tweet that reads “millions,” but screenshots exist, as seen below.

The “billion” is, of course, the word that sticks out. The total global population is sitting at right under 8 billion, and Greene’s initial tweet appeared to claim that Biden allowed the majority of humanity to illegally galavant across the U.S.-Mexico border. And you know, we all make typos. I clearly make them, but this is a significant enough error that one wonders whether Greene was genuinely mistaken and believed that “billion” was the correct word to use.

This is, after all, the same congressperson who believed that “Jewish space lasers” were, in fact, a real thing. Whatever the case, people screenshotted the “billion” tweet and believe that this is no mere typo. In fact, they’re questioning Greene’s place in Congress (and on committees vital to national security) for real.