Mark Cuban Is Using His Billionaire Powers To Dramatically Drive Down Generic Drug Prices, And The Raves Are Pouring In

Some of the billionaire behavior during the pandemic has been, well, not fantastic. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been blasting off into space penis-shaped rocket and taking joyrides with Captain Kirk while SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been firing shots at Bezos and making “pp” jokes on Twitter. Meanwhile, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has ventured away on a more altruistic path. To each his own!

Cuban hasn’t been afraid to dip his toes into political and social issues over the years. And what he’s done now could lead to a paradigm shift in the pharmaceutical industry. Actually, Cuban’s newest venture is a huge swing at Big Pharma and makes him the antithesis of Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli. Cuban has launched his own online pharmacy, which he tweeted about with a link to the website where users can buy generic drugs at cost plus a 15% (or so) margin to cover overhead.

As a quickie example, Cuban’s pharmacy is buying drugs directly from manufacturers and selling them for cheap. As in, the generic version of Prozac for less than $4 per month, versus around $20 at a retail pharmacy, and it all adds up. He’s assuring people that they’re adding additional prescription drugs as swiftly as possible, and the company’s even building a Dalllas-based factory to provide injectibles.

People are pretty shook to see their $200 meds go for $20 at Cuban’s company.

And this has led to some “In a world of Elon Musks, be a Mark Cuban” and “In a billionaire world full of Jeff Bezos be a #MarkCuban”-style responses.

Overall, people have nothing but positivity for Cuban doing what Congress hasn’t been able to do despite decades of broken promises and lots of arguing. That is, Cuban’s making life-saving prescriptions affordable and that includes some cancer drugs.

Yep, “mensch” is a good way to put it, and Cuban is saving lives out there.