Mark Hamill Is Having Some Fun With ‘Star Wars’ Fans This Father’s Day

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06.17.18 2 Comments


Sometimes, it seems Star Wars actor Mark Hamill is just having too much fun on Twitter. Whether its teasing prequel trilogy actress Natalie Portman about never having met his mother, scoring a coffee date with director James Gunn or roasting the “Men’s Rights” edit of The Last Jedi, he’s always up to something on the website. And seeing how Sunday is Father’s Day, no one will fault you if you already knew Hamill would be adding something to the newsfeed. You probably felt the same disturbance in the force everyone else did.

Accompanied by the hashtag #HappyFathersDay, Hamill tweeted a photo his father to commemorate the momentous man on this greeting card holiday. And no, we’re not talking about father figure-turned-ash heap Owen Lars.

Yes, it’s a picture of Darth Vader, and yes, we all get the joke. Even so, trolling his followers wasn’t the only thing Hamill had in mind for Twitter on Sunday. Just before sharing the ominous shot of Kylo Ren’s preferred father figure, the 66-year-old actor shared several photos of his three kids — Nathan, Griffin and Chelsea Elizabeth — with the hashtag version of every dad’s favorite dad joke this time of year, #EveryDayIsKidsDay. (Which is completely true.)

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