Mark Meadows Claims That Andrew Cuomo Requested Hope Hicks Sit In On A Meeting, Then ‘Creepily’ Stared At Her

Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows is the latest MAGA stooge to write a book about Trump’s final days in office. Some of what he writes reads as if it was dictated by Trump himself, like (per the Daily Beast) how the protestors who jumped the White House fence in May 2020 were lucky that Trump, a.k.a. “Bunker Boy,” was forced to go into hiding, because “if President Trump had the choice, he would have headed out to the lawns and knocked their heads in one by one.” But Meadows isn’t always so kind to his former boss (he’s the source of the news that Trump tested positive for COVID days before his first debate with Joe Biden), nor the other politicians they spent time with—including New York’s disgraced former governor Andrew Cuomo.

Daily Beast snagged an early copy of the book, The Chief’s Chief, in which Meadows writes about Cuomo’s duplicitous, and totally ghoulish, manner. According to Meadows, Cuomo “would bash the president in his daily press briefings and privately call to thank POTUS for everything he had done.” And while many people were shocked when Cuomo actually resigned his position earlier this year amidst an onslaught of sexual misconduct allegations, Meadows could have called that one.

Ahead of a scheduled meeting with Trump at the White House, Meadows claims that the then-governor specifically made the “strange request” that Hope Hicks, Trump’s campaign press secretary-turned-political advisor, join them. As for why Cuomo wanted Hicks there? Meadows alleges it wasn’t to pick her brain about political strategy.

“I don’t recall a single question he asked Hope that day,” Meadows writes about his memory of the interaction, “but I do recall him arranging his chair in such a way that allowed him to creepily stare at her for most of the meeting.” Given that Cuomo reportedly “inappropriately touched” a state trooper who was tasked with protecting him as part of his security detail, this would seem to check out.

The Chief’s Chief will be released on December 7th.

(Via Daily Beast)