Mark Ruffalo Posted A Bizarre ‘Avengers’ Set Photo And Got Some Amusing Responses

07.14.19 1 month ago

Marvel Studios

Marvel movies tend to have stranger behind-the-scenes content than most. They shoot all their films in Atlanta — for now, anyway — but mostly in a massive studio, with actors scampering about green screen sets, which will be turned by CGI masters into alien planets or massive battlegrounds or what-have-you. So when Mark Ruffalo, aka Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, posted a couple stills, presumably from the set of Avengers: Endgame, he leaned into the weirdness.

The two images showed Tom Holland, aka Peter Parker, aka Spidey, standing with Don Cheadle, aka Jim Rhodes, aka War Machine, and Ruffalo himself. They’re decked out in their doohickey-emblazoned CGI clothes — yes, even Spider-Man’s spider-suit is CGI — with their arms extended into the air, their hands joined in some kind of celebration or ritual.

“What’s happening here? Wrong answers only,” Ruffalo wrote. (The tweet was a callback to a recent meme, in which people posted stills from famous movies, then encouraged people to name the wrong film. Hilarity ensued.)

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