Matt Gaetz Is Still Floating Some Harebrained Scheme To Make Trump The Speaker Of The House

Matt Gaetz isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Months after COVID started to overwhelmingly target unvaxxed Trump voters, as it still is, the Florida lawmaker is still telling them to catch it on purpose. He also reportedly used Venmo to pay the guy who helped embroil him in a sex trafficking scandal that has him being federally investigated. And remember that time over the summer when he came up with some harebrained scheme to make former president Donald Trump speaker of the House? Well, he seems to still think that could happen.

At a news conference Tuesday, Gaetz was asked if he still wanted Trump to become the first House leader to not be an elected politician. Beaming, he replied, “I would.” When asked if he has still been speaking with him about that, he replied, “I have.”

When Gaetz first publicly floated the idea in July, it led some to ask: Is that, you know, even possible? And it is, kind of! In fact, as recently as January of 2019, someone who was not a member of the House received a lone vote for the position, which went to Nancy Pelosi. That person: Joe Biden.

The idea that Trump would go from resort wedding toaster and shady social media god to Speaker of the House may seem far-fetched, but stranger things have happened. And lawmaker know it. That’s why, shortly after Gaetz pitched the idea, House Democrats introduced a bill called the MEMBERS Act, which forbids anyone who isn’t already an elected representative from lording over their body of government.

Then again, would Trump, the big guy with the big desk, even want the gig? Probably, though it would certainly beat being a failed blogger.

(Via Forbes)