This Little Girl Sent Her Uncle The Most Savage Card About His Very Bald Head

Life & Culture Editor

Kids are wonderful, beautiful, honest creatures that only want to share their joy with the world. That’s the lie that we’ve been brought up to believe, and the one we repeat to ourselves every time a small child blows their nose on their hand, stares at it for a second, and then gently wipes your face with it in a show of “affection” (source: experience).

Here’s the truth: Children, because they have no filter, are basically adorable little sociopaths who poop themselves in grocery aisles and run around offering unsolicited opinions that their parents then have to clean up by repeating “she didn’t mean it, she’s just a kid” to a crying adult who thought they’d never have to deal with bullying again. Point is, kids can be cruel. But none are crueler than a little girl who sent her uncle a very special card reminding him that no matter what he does in his life, he will always remain challenged in the good hair department.

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