Meet Lili Simmons, The Actress Who Played The Nice T-Mobile Store Employee On ‘True Detective’

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Understanding the Internet the way we do here at Uproxx, as soon as the credits began to roll on tonight’s True Detective, we know that many of you had two thoughts: 1) How much closer are Rust and Cohle to both the Spaghetti Monster and the Yellow King, and 2) who was the T-Mobile store employee who generously offered Marty entrance into the rear door in exchange for his presence? We will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume the thoughts came in that order.

Her name is Lili Simmons. Does she look familiar to you? She was the young hooker at the “hillbilly Bunny Ranch” Cohle and Hart visited in the second episode who Hart gave some money to, a charitable gesture that sparked a prophetical smart-ass remark from Cohle about a down payment for a future fling. There’s also a good chance you’ve seen her in Cinemax’s Banshee, where she has also spent quite a bit of screentime topless, despite the fact that her character is Amish (you can do your own Google searches).

She was also once a model for Ford and Bebe, and she’s spent some time on the pages of Maxim.

Not for nothing, but she was also in an incredibly delightful movie called Fat Kid Rules the World, directed by Matthew Lillard (yes, that Matthew Lillard). She didn’t have a huge role in the film, but you should watch it anyway because it’s goddamn delightful (and currently streaming on Netflix). Follow her on Twitter here.