Meet The Wacky Human/Dino/Dog Hybrids That Almost Starred In ‘Jurassic Park 4’

Most Jurassic Park fans are well acquainted with the stories about how JP4 almost ended up featuring human/dino/dog hybrids that carried guns. Thankfully the series is no longer going in that direction, but you can’t help but wonder — what would these wacky human/dino/dog mashups have looked like?
Well, wonder no more! After the jump we have a bunch of concept designs by Carlos Huante, from the aborted 2005 version of Jurassic Park 4

via ComicBookMovie

Oh yeah, believe it or not, this s–t almost happened.


That’s a pretty sexy pose there Mr. Dino-dog-man.

Trying to improve on a T-rex is always a mistake.

This one’s pure Saturday morning cartoons…