People Are Furious That Meghan McCain Made Her First Post-‘The View’ Appearance On ‘Meet The Press’

It’s been almost two months since Meghan McCain left The View, the morning chat-a-thon in which she often got into loggerheads with her more progressive co-hosts. The conservative commentator (and John McCain daughter) may not exactly have been missed, but she chose her television comeback wisely: On Sunday she went on Meet the Press, the long-running show in which elected officials are supposed to answer to the public. And people were pissed.

McCain, who has a degree in art history and once interned at SNL, weighed in on Joe Biden’s administration, including his Build Back Better agenda, which includes a $3.5 trillion reconciliation package that may not pass thanks to Democrats like Kyrsten Sinema. McCain is no fan.

“I will say that President Biden ran on being a moderate,” McCain said. “He ran and won with the help of independent, centrists, Trump-wary Republicans and he’s not governing as one.”

She singled out his latest piece of legislation. “The Build Back Better agenda is the most progressive modern agenda of all time,” she averred. “And it’s not polling well. So I think I’m just confused why they’re doubling down on something that is cratering in the polls.”

Thing is, it’s not cratering in the polls. A new poll finds a whopping 66% of Americans, including 61% of registered Independents, support it. Many on social media were happy to point out that McCain was going on a major news show to spread misinformation.

McCain herself later responded to one of her critics…by addressing a completely different subject: Biden’s own polling, which has sunk in recent weeks.

Others wondered what a former host of The View was doing on what’s purportedly a serious news program.

Many laid the blame at Meet the Press Chuck Todd and anyone who greenlit McCain.

You can watch McCain’s full segment in the video above.