Meghan McCain’s Memoir ‘Bad Republican’ Flopped So Hard That It’s Sold Fewer Than 300 Copies

Meghan McCain had it good. For years, she was on a daily chat show where she got to spew whatever was on her mind to millions of people — then whine about how she was a victim because no one agreed with her. When she left The View last summer, she lost her soapbox, and subsequently tried to find a new one: She wrote a book. Alas, not many people are reading it.

As per MSN, the hardcover edition of McCain’s book, Bad Republican: A Memoir — which was released as an audio-only edition on Audible last autumn and, for the record, went as high as the number two spot on the service is a massive flop. How massive? As of Friday, it’s sold a measly 244 copies since its release on April 26. To that into perspective, in its 11 days of release, it managed to sell an average of about 22 copies per day.

Here’s what most readers are missing, as per the Amazon listing:

[McCain] tells of growing up the daughter of an American icon who shaped her life and details the heartbreaking final moments spent by his side. She recalls her (mis)adventures on the New York dating scene and brings us up to speed on meeting her now-husband. We hear her views on cancel culture and internet trolls as well as life backstage as the sole Republican at America’s most-watched daytime talk show—and why she decided to leave.

What do the few people who purchased (and then actually read) it think about it? Here’s a one-star review on its Amazon page:

I was so looking forward to reading this as I am an independent and appreciate someone who can see all sides,” the review reads. What I got was a whiny little girl who complained about LIFE everything in life that EVERYONE has to deal with and most do it without feeling sorry for themselves… she is beyond blessed with family support and financial resources and she still whines about EVERYTHING that is simply life. so sorry I wasted my time.

It’s the worst review McCain has received since the cast of And Just Like That… blasted her column on And Just Like That…

(Via MSN)