Meghan McCain Botched A Key Fact About Russia While Criticizing G7 Summit, And Joy Behar Was ‘Happy To Correct’ Her

After being absent from The View for two days, which led to some eerily calm discussions and Whoopi Goldberg actually having a good time, a noticeably under-the-weather Meghan McCain returned on Wednesday where she attempted to bring her trademark fire-and-brimstone to the G7 Summit.

During a long rant about how no American president since Ronald Reagan has stood up to Russia, and that she doesn’t think Joe Biden’s meeting with Vladimir Putin is a good idea, McCain blasted the G7 for not expelling Russia over human-rights violations “especially while Alexei Navalny is sitting in a Russian prison simply for seeking democracy.”

There’s just one small problem with McCain’s rant. The G7 is called the G7 because Russia was booted out seven years ago, and Joy Behar relished the opportunity to correct McCain, who blamed being sick for her mistake. Via The Daily Beast:

“Well, since I’m not an expert on Russian international information, but I do know one thing and that is that Putin was kicked out of the G8 which is why it is now the G7. He is not in the G7 at this point,” Behar boasted.

“That’s correct. That was my mistake. Sorry. That was my mistake, Joy,” McCain conceded before seemingly blaming the faux pas on her being “very sick.”

“I apologize. You’re right,” she added.

“That’s fine,” Behar responded. “Happy to correct you!”

You can watch McCain’s rant at the 1:40 mark below, and/or Behar swooping in with the correction at the 5:36 mark:

(Via The View on Twitter)