Joy Behar Cracks Up Whoopi Goldberg By Dunking On Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Holocaust Apology: ‘Wait Until She Hears About Slavery’

In a surprising move given Donald Trump’s presidency fostered a political environment where conservatives view apologies as a sign of weakness and wear stubborn defiance as a badge of honor, Marjorie Taylor Greene held a press conference outside the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on Monday where she walked back her controversial remarks comparing the genocidal act to mask mandates. It was an unusual turn of events for a party that, again, has built its modern image on doubling down and rarely apologizing for anything.

However, while a rare occurrence, the QAnon congresswoman’s apology wasn’t convincing the ladies of The View the next morning. As Whoopi Goldberg opened up the panel by asking if Greene’s apology was sincere or something she was forced to do by the party, Joy Behar had a lot to say on the matter. Right out of the gate, Behar cracked, “wait until she hears about slavery,” which left Whoopi visibly laughing as she clearly agreed with Behar that the apology wasn’t fooling anybody. From there, Behar got serious as she pointed out that not only has Greene admitted to visiting Auschwitz when she was 19, and should know full well the horrors of the Holocaust from that trip, the Georgia Senator is still using loaded rhetoric.

Via Mediaite:

“I don’t buy it, any of it. I think she’s full of it. … She says she’s apologizing, but then she says Democrats are Nazis, which shows you she has no concept of what Nazis actually did,” Behar added, “so I think that her apology is as empty as her head.”

The other The View co-hosts mostly agreed with Behar, which made for yet another calm discussion thanks to the continued absence of Meghan McCain. The last time the conservative co-host had to talk about Greene, McCain had a meltdown that ended in Whoopi dressing her down live on the air, which forced an emergency meeting where ABC brass had to tell the cast to keep it civil.

(Via The View)