Meghan McCain Threatens To Quit Twitter The Same Day She Leaves ‘The View’ And People Are Rejoicing

During a panel discussion on Idris Elba’s recent call for everyone on social media to be verified to prevent anonymous “cowards” from spouting racist rhetoric, Meghan McCain announced that she may quit Twitter the same day she leaves The View. While McCain makes some salient points about how anonymity shouldn’t be provided to people who threaten women, for example (“I think your employer should know about that”), ultimately she couldn’t help but steer the conversation towards her own online presence:

“I have a lot of followers on there,” McCain said. “It’s been an incredible platform to talk to people and read the news. Definitely, in the past year since the pandemic, it’s become a noticeably more darker, uglier place — even in the cesspool of social media that’s already been dark. I do think it’s disturbing to see the things lauded at everyone, anyone.”

You can see her remarks at the 1:25 mark below:

McCain ended her portion of the segment by saying, “Stay tuned. When I leave the show, I may quit Twitter on the same day for this reason.” If this was supposed to be some sort of threat, Twitter users did not see it that way, and instead, celebrated McCain’s promised exit from the app.

On top of the celebratory tweets, people also couldn’t help but notice that McCain is not exactly an innocent bystander when it comes to fueling Twitter’s dark underbelly:

In fact, just 48 hours ago, she was blasting “assholes” who report on her almost daily The View rants:

“Some of you assholes who spend your pathetic [existence] writing and distorting what I say every SINGLE day on the view really better start thinking of an exit strategy on how you’re gonna get your clicks and hits when I’m gone in 3 weeks,” McCain tweeted on Monday.

We’ll all think of something, Meg.

(Via The View on Twitter)