Meghan McCain Rejected Kari Lake’s Attempt To Make Nice After Slamming Her Late Dad: ‘No Peace, B*tch’

Remember Kari Lake? She was the Trump hater-turned-MAGA kiss-up who wanted to be Arizona’s governor. She lost that race, though like her hero she continues to claim she was cheated. Also like Trump, she’s run her mouth off a lot — a little too much, one could say. Among her targets was the late John McCain. Recently she’s tried to make nice with his surviving family, but his daughter, Meghan ain’t having it.

“Kari Lake is trying to walk back her continued attacks on my Dad (& family) and all of his loyal supporters after telling them to ‘get the hell out’,” the View alum wrote on Twitter/X, per The Daily Beast. “Guess she realized she can’t become a Senator without us.”

She concluded, ““No peace, b*tch. We see you for who you are – and are repulsed by it.”

Lake has a long history of torching Meghan’s late dad. During a campaign event in 2022, she told any “McCain Republicans” to “get the hell out.” She later added, “Arizona has delivered some losers, haven’t they?”

But on Monday, now as a Senate candidate, Lake tried to atone. “It was said in jest. And I think that if John McCain, who had a great sense of humor, would have heard it, he would have laughed,” she during a radio appearance. “I want everyone’s vote, whether you are a McCain … if you call yourself a McCain Republican, if you call yourself a middle-of-the-road Republican, a Trump Republican, an America First Republican, I want your vote.”

Perhaps Meghan was right and Lake did the math and realized she can’t win without those dreaded “McCain Republicans.” Sadly, it seems like she’s finding out the hard way that only Donald Trump can get away with acting like Donald Trump.

(Via The Daily Beast)