Meme Watch: Dangling Boris Is Your New Favorite Meme Starring A British Politician Stuck On A Zipline

When London’s mayor, Boris Johnson, found himself stuck on a zipline yesterday after attempting to awe the crowd gathered to watch the games at a London park, the US internet chuckled but didn’t run with it quite like they would have had it been a homegrown politician in the same predicament. Oh, the amount I would pay for Joe Biden to get his hang glider stuck in a palm tree on South Beach.

Thankfully our cousins across the pond found Boris’s incident endlessly amusing and have been busy meme-ing the sh*t out of it. A new blog entitled Dangle Boris has already collected hundreds of photoshop submissions of — you guessed it — Boris finding himself dangling in peculiar situations.

I can safely say that after perusing all of them I found these twenty the funniest and myself wishing our politicians spent more time mimicking ’80s sitcom dads and less time organizing appreciation days for chicken sandwiches.

#Dangle Boris Via HuffPost UK