Meme Watch: Geek Squad Gus Has All The Tech Answers Up His Sleeve

If you’re non-Amish and firmly entrenched in the 21st century you’ve more than likely tangled with Geek Squad (or a comparable tech support group) at some point. And if you possess even a modicum of tech savvy you’ve probably quickly become wise to their grandma-fleecing ways. Wading through the money-gouging suggestions and layman fixes that you could have Googled yourself is one of the more frustrating first world experiences out there.
That’s why I recommend aspiring to achieve the perfect balance of technical: just savvy enough to surf porn without repercussions but not overly or outwardly savvy to the point where people ask you for help with their tech problems.
So now the internet has Geek Squad Gus, who has really exploded in popularity over the last week thanks to the discovery of this inked up photo that is just begging to sell you diamond encrusted HDMI cable and reformat your hard drive for no reason.
Source: Quickmeme