Meme Watch: ‘Star Trek’ Gets Motion Stabilized, To Hilarious Results

While we were talking about the image-stabilized version of Cloverfield, Reddit was applying the same image stabilization talent to a franchise even riper for parody: Star Trek. A new subreddit, r/StarTrekStabilized, came to our attention on Saturday when this GIF shot to the front page:

This stabilizes the camera, so we only see what the actors are doing while the camera tilts and shakes to simulate the ship being hit by something. The results are hilarious, my personal favorite being Uhura in the back seeming to say, “Jump on the floor? In this miniskirt? Hell no, I’m out of here.”

Some of these image-stabilized Star Trek GIFs were compiled in this video called “Turn Down for Spock”, which is fittingly set to “Turn Down for What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. If this isn’t the song of the summer, it should at least be the music video of the summer.

Continue on to see our favorite GIFs produced so far by Star Trek Stabilized. Not since we found out Riker sits like a crazy person has something from Star Trek made us giggle this much.