Meme Watch: Success Kid Wins At Life, Excels In Cuteness

By now you’re probably familiar with Success Kid, the cute kid clutching a handful of sand while glaring into the camera lens with a determined, victorious expression. Several image macros have been created from the cute picture, and now this successful little fellow is a well established meme with over 1000 variants at Meme Generator alone.
It started when Laney Griner posted this awesome picture of her 11 month old son Sammy on Flickr. The picture was taken on August 26th, 2007 and titled “Why I oughta…” About six months later it started going viral on social network sites with captions like “Ima f-ck you up” and “I hate sandcastles.” As seen in the chart at Know Your Meme, a little over two years after the picture was taken, it caught on as an advice animal variant called “Success Kid”.
Some of our favorite Success Kid macros are below, and be sure to click through to the end to see what Success Kid is doing now. (All pictures courtesy of Meme Generator unless otherwise noted.)