Michael Biehn Makes You A Blanket Out Of Six Feet Of His S–t In This Awesome ‘Blood Dragon’ Featurette

Have I mentioned lately that I’m in love with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? Because I think I am. One of the many things to love about Blood Dragon is the fact that it stars Michael Biehn, the 80s’ most endearingly unlikely action star. Despite not being very muscular, or looking particularly tough, this guy played the badass in everything from The Terminator, to Aliens to Navy SEALs.

So yeah, hit the jump for a faux-making of documentary featuring Biehn dropping lines like “It’s Sloan’s bedtime, and his blanket is six feet of my s–t”. F–kin’ Shakespeare man…

Funny what happens when you actually let developers enjoy themselves. Let developers enjoy themselves more often Ubisoft.

via Kotaku