Michael Fassbender May Wield A Different Force In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

Use the force, Magneto-Wan Kenobi.

This weekend we learned Jesse Plemons of Breaking Bad was being considered for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII. Now THR has confirmed his audition and revealed numerous other Star Wars: Episode VII details.

They say Michael Fassbender has already met with J.J. Abrams, and Adam Driver (Girls) is also being considered. Hugo Weaving reportedly met with Lucasfilm about playing an Imperial commander, which would be the most obvious casting since the last time Weaving played an imperious villain.

THR also revealed why Michael Arndt’s script is being rewritten and casting is still not set for a time-consuming production opening December 18th, 2015.

According to multiple insiders, the reason for the parting of ways was not due to a timeframe issue, as has been reported, but rather due to a difference of opinion of which characters to emphasize. Arndt is said to have focused on the offspring of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), with the original trilogy’s heroes taking on supporting roles. Abrams, however, wanted Episode VII to focus on the classic trio of characters, so audiences could have one more chance to enjoy them before a fitting send-off. The new characters, the offspring, will now be in supporting roles, according to these sources, and take center stage in Episode VIII and IX. […] So with Abrams and [Lawrence] Kasdan now overhauling the script, that means many of the actors who had auditioned have been nixed for various reasons.

In addition to Fassbender et al., Abrams and Lucasfilm a looking for a mixed race or black actor to play the daughter or granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi. That’s a surprise. I would have taken Obi-Wan for more of a “confirmed bachelor” type.

Also, I am contractually obliged to use this GIF on any and all Michael Fassbender casting news, even if the news is that he’s been cast as the dude who’ll be banging my mom now. Scratch that. Especially if he’s been cast as the dude who’ll be banging my mom now.