A Michigan High School Went Viral With Their Meme-Filled ID Photos


There’s a tradition at North Farmington High School, located in the Detroit suburbs: The senior class ring in their final year by going all-out with their student IDs. And by that, we mean they dress up as their favorite movie or TV characters, or simply as their favorite celebrity.

EW caught the meme, which is tagged as #NFID19, and the results are impressively ambitious. There’s someone as pre-royal Anne Hathaway in the first Princess Diaries.

There’s Hagrid.

And Dumbledore (Richard Harris version).

There’s McLovin.

And Edna Mode of The Incredibles fame.

And Lilo, plus a picture of Stitch.

There’s Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly.

And Alfalfa.

There’s even Admiral General Aladeen, the lovable despot Sacha Baron Cohen played in his largely forgotten film The Dictator. Props on the deep cut!

Props, too, to the one who dressed as Anthony Michael Hall in The Breakfast Club, thus proving that today’s high schoolers still watch John Hughes high school movies made a full 15 years before any of them were born.

Someone even went as Shawn Wayans in White Chicks.

On the real people front, one senior went as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court justice (and star of the hit doc RBG).

Bob Ross was a good one, too.

And aggressively bearded Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia isn’t exactly a meme, but it is a nice homage to the local sports team.

The most meta is the person who went as Dwayne Johnson/The Rock in his much-adored senior year book photo.

The kids? They’re alright here.

(Via EW)