Mike Lindell Isn’t Worried About Dominion’s Multi-Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Him Because He’s Just Gonna ‘My Cousin Vinny’ The Whole Thing

As his MyPillow empire continues to crumble around him thanks to his devotion to pushing election fraud conspiracy theories, Mike Lindell is still facing a multi-billion dollar defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems. While most rational people would be concerned, Lindell is confident he has the whole thing buttoned up and will prevail in court in fantastic, cinematic style.

In a new interview with The Daily Beast, Lindell boasted that the defamation lawsuit will end with him proving that the 2020 election was in fact stolen from Donald Trump, thus proving Lindell’s innocence. Keep in mind that every time Lindell has made a similar claim, it has backfired spectacularly in his face. (See: The $5 million he still owes the forensic tech who easily debunked Lindell’s election fraud data.)

This time, however, Lindell will prevail just like in My Cousin Vinny, and yes, those are his exact words:

“Have you ever seen the movie My Cousin Vinny?” Lindell asked The Daily Beast. “Remember at the end when the cop said I took it upon myself to say he found the gun and all this stuff? And the two guys that looked like the [defendants], right? And then in light of the new evidence, case dismissed. I mean, this is what you’re gonna see. When all this comes to light with the evidence I have!”

Again, Lindell has famously failed to prove any sort of election fraud whatsoever. Not to mention this latest claim arrives on the heels of a new report, which Lindell confirmed, that he’s selling off sewing machines and office equipment thanks to MyPillow taking a $100 million bath after being dropped by retailers.

What makes that information even more notable is just a few months ago Lindell was bragging to Steve Bannon that he invented MyPillow 2.0 and everything is going great. Couldn’t be better. Clearly, that wasn’t the case, so we have a feeling that Lindell isn’t going to waltz into court and pull a My Cousin Vinny. Call it a hunch.

(Via The Daily Beast)