Mike Lindell Is Reportedly Desperate To Get His MyPillow Ads Running On Fox News Again

Comeuppance is a bitch. In July, pillow magnate/MAGA wackadoo Mike Lindell made a big show about pulling his MyPillow ads from Fox News after the network refused to run ads for his Cyber Symposium. Word on the street was that Fox didn’t want to promote what they feared would be days of conspiracy theories, rigged election talk, and other batsh*ttery (spoiler alert: it was). Now Lindell, previously one of Fox’s biggest advertisers, is reportedly going back to the network with his tail between his legs.

Daily Beast reports that as early as August, just a month after taking his pillow-shaped ball home, Lindell was trying to cozy back up to the Fox News ad sales team. But they apparently weren’t having it. “[T]he overture towards a Fox-Lindell detente only went so far,” Daily Beast wrote, “with Fox rejecting his new ads multiple times, including as recently as this past Monday and Wednesday.”

Though Lindell has since declared that “MyPillow is done!” with Fox News, the same apparently cannot be said for FrankSpeech, Lindell’s social media site… which is full of MyPillow promos and rife with more conspiracy theories. At this point, Lindell has apparently attempted to get not one, not two, but three, ads for FrankSpeech onto Fox, and has been rejected each time.

Lindell understands that the reason the first two ads were rejected were because they included information about his various conspiracy theories. So when he created the third ad, Lindell says he removed “everything about the machines and the symposium or the election… They denied that one anyway! We got a message from them on Monday, Sept. 13, that they did not like the content of FrankSpeech dot com… They went from not liking the content of the ad to not liking the content of the website!”

Lindell is a persistent man, and he’s not ready to give up yet. So he submitted a fourth ad, which also got rejected—in record time. “It was the fastest reply we’ve gotten,” Lindell said. “But if I removed the words ‘FrankSpeech’ it might have cleared, but it would have just been a MyPillow ad, which I said I’m not doing! Outrageous! I told them to tell Fox, ‘Shame on you!’”

Could the fifth time be the charm? Honestly, who knows—or cares. I’m exhausted.

(Via Daily Beast)