Mike Lindell Now Claims To Have Found An 850 Year Old American Who Voted In The 2020 Election

After getting publicly humiliated by Idaho officials who did not appreciate his baseless claims of election fraud, Mike Lindell is already moving full steam ahead on his latest crackpot theory. This time around, the MyPillow CEO claims to have found some extremely old Americans who allegedly voted in the 2020 election. We’re talking centuries old, but naturally, Lindell has very little in the way in specifics to back up his latest stunt. Via Salon’s Zachary Petrizzo on Twitter:

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s new claim tonight: he’s found someone who was 850 years old who voted in the 2020 election, but he won’t say from what state the alleged voter was registered. Lindell adds that he and his team have identified 2K people over the age of 200 that voted in a mysterious state that he wouldn’t name.

You can see a video clip of Lindell’s wild new claim below:

It goes without saying that Lindell has not found a smoking gun proving election fraud with these latest shenanigans. While deceased or impossibly old Americans occasionally showing up in voter rolls does happen, it’s very minimal, and there’s no vast conspiracy behind it. The “dead voter” theories start popping up immediately after the 2020 election, and experts explained to the Associated Press that this sometimes happens because of human error or a software issue. More importantly, election workers routinely catch these rare occurrences and correct them. In short, Lindell’s proof is as dead as his mysterious voters.

(Via Zachary Petrizzo on Twitter)