The Barber Who Cut Mike Pence’s Hair On A CNN Live Stream Had No Idea Who He Was

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08.23.16 3 Comments

Maybe CNN was trying to out-BuzzFeed BuzzFeed when they live streamed Republican VP pick Mike Pence’s haircut on Tuesday. After all, the exploding watermelon video did huge numbers for the website back in April, and considering viral stories like #TheDress and the infamous llama chase, it’s difficult to make fun of the 24-hour cable news channel’s digital arm. Yet that’s precisely what Twitter did as soon as it figured out what Ted Turner’s network was up to — especially when the barber cutting Pence’s hair revealed he didn’t even know who his customer was.

“And your name was?” he asked while shaking hands with the Indiana governor.

“Mike Pence,” he said. “I’m the governor of the state of Indiana, and I’m running for vice president of the United States.”

Either the barber (a) truly didn’t know who Pence was, despite the seemingly endless cadre of Republican staffers and press personnel who were evidently in the room, or (b) he did but just wanted to try and embarrass Donald Trump’s No. 2 man. Not that it matters, because the fact that CNN was live streaming the haircut was grounds enough for a barrage of Twitter jokes.

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