People Are Freaking Out Over Mike Pence’s Grody ‘Pink Eye’ At The VP Debate

The vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and his rival, Senator Kamala Harris, was almost certainly not going to be as electric as the previous week’s hot mess of showdown between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And despite kicking off with questions about Trump and Pence’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, it has remained mostly calm and civil. In fact, the most shocking thing wasn’t so much anything that was said but how one of them looked. That is to say, a lot of people couldn’t stop staring at Pence’s curiously bloodshot eyes.

It was really mostly the left one, whose left side was very red and creepily engorged. What was it? Was it pink eye? Was it some nervous tic? He didn’t seem particularly sick, and he was articulate and clear-headed. But it sent Twitter into wild speculating.

And people had jokes.

Some people were reminded of La Chiffre, Mads Mikkelsen’s bleeding-eyed Bond villain from Casino Royale.

Or Charles Dance’s baddie from Last Action Hero.

Or Schwarzenegger from the original The Terminator.

Or Gus Fring.

If you were unable to get past Pence’s freaky eye, you may have missed him wanly trying to defend allowing over 200,000 Americans die from a rampaging pandemic, with no end in sight. But then again, perhaps Pence has to worry about his own health issues first.