Minimal Movie Posters For Best Picture Nominees

I dig me some minimal posters, but usually don’t have much of a reason to share outside of, “Oooh, lookie, this Pulp Fiction one is gimp heavy!” And that’s normally not enough to build an entire post around (unless there’s been some sort of breaking news on gimps, of course).
But with the Academy Awards bearing down on us there’s really no better time to toss some fun minmals out there, so here’s a series from graphic artist Hunter Langston dedicated to the nine Best Picture nominees. Not only are they an eye pleasing way to brush up on what’s been nominated, they’re also a nice reminder of just how mediocre 2011 was film-wise. I’m pinning my hopes on Battleship to critically tentpole 2012.
If you haven’t been paying attention to Film Drunk’s Best Picture bracket (why not?!?!), a winner has been crowned. You should also plan to join Vince and the rest of the UPROXX gang for drinking games during the show. Because nothing says Sunday night like a In Memoriam Montage Waterfall.
Source: Hunter Langston