Miss Michigan Blasted The Flint Water Crisis While Introducing Herself At The Miss America Pageant

Miss Michigan Emily Sioma did not come to mess around at Sunday’s annual Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, using her introduction to bring attention to the Flint water crisis. For the past four years, residents have not had clean water to drink, after the city’s water source was changed from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River — which became contaminated with lead due to insufficient water treatment.

“From a state with 84% of the U.S. fresh water, but none for its residents to drink, I’m Miss Michigan Emily Sioma,” she said, when presented with the opportunity to introduce herself.

The Miss America pageant has become increasingly political in recent years, with contestants making headlines not for how they look in a bikini, but for how they use their platform to bring attention to issues facing the country.

Although Sioma, an outspoken activist and sexual assault survivor, ultimately did not take home the crown (that honor went to Miss New York, Nia Franklin, with Miss Louisiana Holli Conway coming in second), she clearly stole the show, if the reception she earned for her statement on Twitter was any indication.

You’ve got to hand it to her. If our politicians aren’t going to ensure that citizens have clean water to drink, they absolutely deserve to be owned by a beauty pageant. Miss Michigan for president, indeed.

(Via Detroit News)