Mitch McConnell Won’t Rule Out Supporting Trump, The Guy Who Keeps Making Racist Taunts At His Wife

Donald Trump has plenty of enemies, but he hates few with the ire he reserves for Mitch McConnell. The former president hates the Senate minority leader so much — despite McConnell refusing to convict him during his second impeachment, effectively ensuring he can run a third time, which he now is — he even goes after his wife. And Trump doesn’t just go after Elaine Chao, who was secretary of transportation in his administration. He pelts her with taunts that are straight-up racist. Will that stop McConnell from supporting him if he winds up with the Republican ticket again? Of course not.

As per Mediaite, McConnell spoke to reporter after Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina, announced she was throwing her hat in the ring, making her the only official rival to her former pal, Donald Trump. When asked if the GOP should finally move on from the guy who keeps calling his wife “Coco Chow,” he responded not with a definitive answer but a non-committal, rambling non-response.

“Well, what I think we’re going to have is a vigorous primary with a number of candidates making their case,” he said. “And the American people, those who are registered Republicans who are going to participate in these primaries are going to decide who they want to nominate.”

He added, “And obviously, I’m going to support whoever the nominee ultimately is.”

McConnell’s not the only member of his party who won’t condemn a guy who insults his wife. Just ask Ted Cruz, who had the added bonus of Trump calling his dad a murderer, too.

(Via Mediaite)