Happy 10-Year Anniversary To The Mobile, Alabama Leprechaun!

Do you remember where you were on Saint Patrick’s Day 10 years ago today? Probably sitting in class, or like me, working some crappy job. Little did we know at the time what a benchmark day March 17, 2006 would be, because that was the day the internet gifted us one of the most famous internet memes of all time, the Leprechaun of Mobile Alabama! Yes, we’re all that old, because arguably the most famous eyewitness sketch ever (sorry, Unabomber) is officially a decade old.

The piece was actually filmed a few days before, on March 14 when the local NBC affiliate WPMI-TV caught wind that crowds were forming in Mobile’s Crichton neighborhood due to a possible leprechaun sighting. To this day, the mystery remains whether it really was a leprechaun or a local crack enthusiast, as popular opinion suggests. Honestly, it’s probably best we don’t know. Keep the legend alive. Some things are best left unexplained.

(H/T Reddit)