This Mom Fixed Her Kid’s Face By Turning His Scary Cut Into A Harry Potter Scar

What do you do when your kid gets hurt, feels embarrassed, and doesn’t want to leave the house with a cut on his forehead? If you’re a mom from the Harry Potter generation, you turn his cut into a lightning bolt scar and send him out to fight the forces of darkness (read: Dolores Umbridge) and bring you back a six-pack of butter beer.

Imgur user mommybrittaney posted the transformation on the photo-sharing site last week, but she probably didn’t expect the pictures to go viral. Explaining that she thought up the project after her son hit his head on the edge of his bed frame — because he had tried to jump into a giant pile of clothes on the bed — mommybrittaney says that turning him into Harry Potter (complete with glasses) was her “first instinct.” By the looks of it, her instincts are very, very good.

Here’s a photo of the kid unable to even comprehend the horrors of having a cut on his forehead:

Here he is mid-transformation:

And here he is as the boy wizard himself. Look how happy he is to have a giant scar on his forehead! And he’ll probably even happier knowing that hundreds of thousands of people have now seen his picture.

Of course, the fact that he was embarrassed to leave the house with the cut and then had it broadcast all over the internet could be somewhat scarring, but we’re betting he’ll get over it pretty quickly.