A Mom Set Up A Hidden Camera To See How Dad Raised The Kids, And Boy, Was She Surprised

This video shows what happens when a mom decides to check out what her husband does when he’s supposed to be taking care of the kids. If you were expecting something negative, you’ll either be disappointed or pleasantly surprised. This dad gets down by dancing with his bemused daughter as the baby delightedly watches from the sidelines. Make no mistake, this is not his first rodeo. He knows all of the words and beats from Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” and he’s not afraid to shake it.

According to the video’s description, the mother set up a hidden camera for a few purposes. First, she really wanted to see what happened when she wasn’t at home. Secondly, these kids’ grandmother was interested in watching the kids do cute stuff. The end result isn’t what either of these ladies expected. This guy looks like he’d be right at home listening to Limp Bizkit, but instead, he’s jamming out to Katy Perry. Some dudes would be embarrassed, but this guy doesn’t look like he’d care too much. He’s one of the most demonstrably cool dads of the Internet right now. Perhaps he’s not crafty enough to build the most kickass IKEA bed ever, but he’s showing love in his own way. These kids will remember these good times someday.