Warren Ellis Is Bringing Back Moon Knight In ‘A New Kind Of Crime Fiction’

I need one of those “Sad Blogger” mugs. It speaks to me.

Warren Ellis is bringing back Moon Knight in a new Marvel series coming next March, and Hero Complex has some of the uncolored pages — including the two above — to check out. The new Moon Knight will be drawn by Declan Shalvey (Deadpool) with colors by Jordie Bellaire (Captain Marvel).

Ellis tells Hero Complex it will have a stark aesthetic which “unifies all the previous takes, making the character whole and taking him forward into a new kind of crime fiction.” He clarifies that the emphasis will be on “weird crime” against a New York City backdrop.

He adds that they’re scraping away the inaccurate depiction of dissociative identity disorder and trying to bring some logic to the character’s involvement with Egyptian god Khonshu: “as much logic as you can bring to a Marvel book involving someone brought back from the dead by an Egyptian god,” Ellis says.

It may seem odd that Ellis is writing this, considering he used Moon Knight as a punchline in Secret Avengers, but he tells Hero Complex that the only two superhero comics he read as a teenager were Frank Miller’s Daredevil run and Moench and Sienkiewicz’s Moon Knight. He also explains what he likes about the character.

A mercenary brought back to life by an ancient Egyptian god, the moneyed, gadget-equipped vigilante alter ego of Marc Spector fights crime at night dressed in white. Moon Knight has been criticized as a less compelling Batman, but Ellis […] mischievously twists the comparison. “The man is demented in more interesting ways than I think Batman ever was, […] he goes out only at night and dresses in reflective white so you can see him coming. Now that’s nuts…. I like that.” [Hero Complex, emphasis ours]

He also has an awesome strut, as seen in one of the panels above which Bleeding Cool reader Daniel Heard thought could use some Strutting Leo.

Much better.

(Banner images courtesy of MARVEL.)