‘Morning Joe’ Went And Lost Their Dang Minds With This Trump ‘Holiday Cheer’ Video

Morning Joe has been increasingly and fervently an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, who was once a regular guest on the show before things turned contentious midway into his 2016 presidential campaign. Since Trump was elected president however, it’s erupted in all-out war as hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski regularly trash the commander-in-chief on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Trump retaliates by tweeting about Mika’s “bleeding face” or actual murder conspiracy theories. Yes, this is real life, we can’t believe it either.

Speaking of real life, on Wednesday morning the Morning Joe Twitter account blasted out the above masterpiece in editing which takes both Trump’s various noises and Christmas sentiments to produce a bit of jolly holiday cheer — complete with snowflakes for full effect. Is this incredibly petty of a cable news network? Oh yes, very much so. They even made sure to tweet “holiday” cheer instead of “Christmas” to really needle at the president.

But did I also giggle like an idiot through the entire thing? Well, I can’t deny that either. The crew over at Morning Joe may have lost their dang minds, but at this point into 2017, really — who among us hasn’t? Welcome to weird Twitter, MSNBC. Right under the toilet, indeed.