The Internet’s Not Buying That This Mother And Daughter Look Like Identical Twins

Earlier this month, a picture of a woman and her twin daughters went viral due to the fact that no one could tell which dang lady was the mom and which ones were the daughters. And we still don’t know! It remains a mystery to this day, more than 10 days later. So, a mother and daughter over in the UK thought that they, too, would capitalize on the fact that people also supposedly can’t tell them apart.

On Monday, Britain’s ITV This Morning featured 33-year-old Donna Galt and her teenage daughter Mya, who claim that people often think that they’re sisters. The only problem being, well, that’s them in the picture. Yes, that one up there in the tweet. I know. Not to be unnecessarily mean or anything, but on first glance I’d say that the claim of the woman on the left even being 33 is dubious, at best.

Suffice to say, Twitter quickly took notice, and had some strong opinions.

Sorry, lady, the internet has spoken.

(ITV via Mashable)