You Won’t See MyPillow Ads On Fox News Any Time Soon As Mike Lindell Has Reportedly Not Been Paying His Bills

Fox News hasn’t had much in the way of advertising for years. Big brands have fled the news network over their oft-controversial — some would say not so truthful — coverage. At least they’ve always had MyPillow. Mike Lindell has long been one of the most frequent faces on there, even if the only things he’s shown doing is hawking his signature bed accessories. Alas, those ads have not been popping up of late, and there’s a reason why.

Per Mediaite, Lindell himself claimed that Fox News was punishing him over his voter fraud conspiracy theorizing, with which he’s been obsessed for over three years.

“Fox News has cancelled MyPillow,” Lindell claimed on Steve Bannon’s podcast War Room. He wondered if “maybe it’s because I brought Lou Dobbs over to my Lindell TV network this week,” referring to the former Fox Business host, who was ousted back in 2021.

“It’s just, it’s disturbing. It’s disgusting,” Lindell added.

But perhaps there’s another reason for the AWOL MyPillow ads. Sources told Mediaite that Fox News hasn’t permanently ended the MyPillow ads. They’re just on pause, all because Lindell hasn’t paid his bills since last August.

“As soon as their account is paid,” a Fox News spokesperson told Mediaite, “we would be happy to accept their advertising.”

Even though Fox News doesn’t get name brands advertising on their network, they’re still doing fine. Last year they managed to accrue more than a billion in ad sales, which may be why they’re cool putting a temporary hold on one of their most famous faces.

Ever since Trump lost re-election in 2020, Lindell has been one of the loudest — and most chaotic — voices claiming it was somehow stolen from him. He’s even spent a good chunk of his own dough fruitlessly trying to prove election malfeasance — all for a guy who doesn’t understand how magnets work.

(Via Mediaite)