Mike Lindell Is Mad As Hell At ‘Scumbag’ Stephen Colbert For Mocking His Financial Woes

Mike Lindell has given god only knows how much money to Donald Trump. Now he’s acting like him, too, by lashing out at late-night hosts.

Earlier this week, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert mocked the broke Pillow Man for claiming that he’s “lost everything, every dime” and can’t pay his lawyers. He even dressed up as Lindell — a.k.a. he wore a mustache — and smothered one pillow to death with another pillow.

Lindell addressed the public humiliation on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. “He’s such a scumbag,” he said, Newsweek reports. “Did I spell that right? S-C-U-M bag. I could’ve said it of lawyers, this guy is even worse.”

Lindell continued, “He attacked my employees directly, making fun of them. Gee, I want to protect my company, so I’m not going to continue with $2 million a month lawyer bills. I’m not going to let everything go down because of frivolous lawsuits and lawfare.” Colbert and his Late Night audience (which is code for “liberals”) “all laugh about my employees,” he added. “They have families, these guys have been with me for 20 years, we’re not going anywhere. And I know when I watch this, it just, it just sickened me.”

Lindell probably felt sick because he was watching the clip while eating dinner in a Hardee’s parking lot.

(Via Newsweek)