The MyPillow Guy’s Big 48-Hour Telethon Can’t Stop Getting Duped By Prank Calls

In an effort to cash in on his fleeting notoriety for being a trusted advisor to Donald Trump, Mike Lindell (better known as the “MyPillow Guy“) has launched his own social media platform called, which in theory, will cater to conservatives who feel their right-wing views are unfairly censored or “canceled” by other social media channels. In practice, the site will ban swear words and any profanity that “takes God’s name in vain.” It will also almost assuredly be an unmitigated disaster, which Lindell thoroughly demonstrated on Monday.

After already being forced to push the site’s launch due to a series of server errors that continue to plague the platform, Lindell kicked off a 48-hour “Frankathon” on Monday, which apparently consists of him taking live phone calls during a live-stream. It’s not exactly clear what kind of calls Lindell was expecting, but it didn’t take long before he started getting relentlessly trolled by people who discovered the phone number on Twitter.

In a series of clips uploaded by Salon staff writer Zachary Petrizzo, Lindell can be seen getting punked by a number of callers, including one who pretended to be a reporter for the Wall Street Journal. You’d think all of that would have made Lindell a little more cautious about which calls he let through, but nope. He then got duped into believing Donald Trump was calling in. To be fair, the caller did sound a lot like Trump at first… until the profanity started. It all left Lindell noticeably flustered after getting trolled yet again in front of whoever the heck is watching his live-stream. The good news for him is that it can’t be that many people.

You can watch the MyPillow Guy get prank called below:

(Via Zachary Petrizzo on Twitter)